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Here at Letz Face It we specialise in the removal of your old timber fascias , soffits and also your existing guttering , downpipes , shiplap cladding and replace them with our upvc , maintenance free roofline products.
All our products adhere to the highest of standards covered by BBA Certificates attesting quality.
To guarantee your installation meets the highest standards, we at Letz Face It use the best time served joiners who's speciality is to manipulate the working parameters of PVCu products to give your home that TAILOR MADE FINISH!

Having to deal with numerous companies ourselves, to bring this whole package together for you, we understand exactly just how frustrating it can be to overcome problems, gain satisfaction, receive the communication required to execute such tasks with minimal upset etc.
THEREFORE, here at Letz Face It, we feel it would be none other than hypocritical to offer anything other than a totally HASSLE FREE SERVICE
Infact, the whole basis of the company being formed was taken from the customers point of view and needed to tick all boxes as to what the customer wants, doesn't want
Most customers we speak to have already made up their minds as to wanting the work done, the problem is they are reluctant to decide which company that they can put their trust in so as after parting with their money they can rest assured that there will be no "egg on their face"
1. No Deposits have been taken in the history of the company as it is policy that no money changes hands until completion of the works is reached and the customer is happy!
The customer wants top notch materials, brilliant fitters, a guarantee that actually means something and an after sales service thats second to none
At the same time they want all this but with the most competitive price
2. We have achieved this by cutting out advertising and relying on recommendation work alone, keeping us motivated to do the most thorough of jobs. Every home's a showhome
Remember : Theres a lot of company's that say it all, we do it all

Letz Face It gives a full 10 year unconditional ( contractually binding ) guarantee on its products/workmanship.
Freefoam, our product manufacturer, gives a full 20 years guarantee across the product range.
Our Fascia products are high density and load bearing meaning they are capable of supporting fixtures at any point on their length not just at rafter fixings.

We offer solid high-density soffit board or a hollow clad option which gives extra detailing.
We use tailor made chocks attached to the side of rafter ends and stringlined to achieve a more stable fixing and a straigh and clean finished installation, crucial to the gutter bracket being aligned so as not to form 'peaks and troughs' through varying mounting angles.

Our box ends are manufactured on site using specially formed board ensuring a one- piece finish unique to Letz Face It.

All of our roofline products are available in the following colours to match perfectly with your existing home colour scheme: White, Light Oak, Mahogany, Rosewood, Ash Black.

Letz Face It will only use sealants as a last resort to their being no other alternative option as they attract dirt and discolour over time.

High quality rainwater goods are installed and fixed at a maximum 750mm centres to help combat our ever present winter climates and namely the extreme weight caused by the snow/ice.

We can install leaf guards/hedgehog brush in our guttering to prevent downpipes becoming blocked by organic matter if your home is situated in a succeptible location.

Letz Face It install a revolutionary 3-in-1 rigid eaves guard to your roof edge to replace the brittle and usually non-existing felt. This creates a continuous waterproof membrane, as was originally intended on first build,all the way to the top of your roofline under your tiles (concrete tiles) and prevents rainwater welling behind the fascias.
The rigid eaves guard channels rainwater directly into the gutter system bridging the gap between the gutter and the still intact existing roofing felt.
The 3-in-1 eaves guard also contains a 'Bird comb' at the tile edge to prevent entry to birds and vermin. (Not required with slate or rosemary roofs)
In accordance with building regulations it also incorporates a 10mm continuous over fascia ventilation system. This cannot be seen from ground level and so improves the overall finished look of the installation.
The gable end of the property is fully re-pointed wherever necessary using non-asbestos board and a 3-1 mix of sand and cement.
All quotes are fully inclusive and we never charge a penny more regardless of what we find in the course of the installation.
All of our installers have completed a thorough in house training course to achieve best practices
our newest team being with the company for over 5 years.

Our installation teams install to the exact standards set out in the British board of agreement certificate for Freefoam products.

Our practice of random site checks for integrity in installation and the 'No Deposit, don't pay till your happy' , 'Every Home's a Showhome' schemes that are standard practice for all gives you peace of mind in the quality of the finished installation.

We highly recommend that, wherever possible, you should never over clad any part of your roofline as this leads to increased levels of moisture and costly repairs.

We remove and replace (cut/splice) all rotten rafter ends at no extra cost to you.

Fixings are made using 65mm stainless steel, ring shank polytop nails (plastic coated tops) at 600mm centres,usually behind guttering so as not to detract from the overall appearance (Spaced equally on Gables/Apex's).
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